Socially Devoted: The Top 25 Countries on Facebook

How Socially Devoted is your country? We’ve got the 2013 Q1 results! See how your country fits in the ranking…

Socially Devoted:  The Top 25 Countries on Facebook

By now, many of you are familiar with Socially Devoted as an industry standard for good social customer care. We are proud that brands took up the challenge to become increasingly more Socially Devoted throughout the year by 100%! We wondered how countries around the world fit into our rankings. We took a look at the top 25.

Guatemala Comes Takes First Place as the Most Socially Devoted Country

Guatemala proved itself to be the most Socially Devoted country throughout Q1, with an average Response Rate of 93.54%! Throughout the quarter, Facebook users posted 17 044 questions on brands’ Pages and brands certainly understood the importance of answering these questions. They responded to 15 943 of the questions, leaving only 1 101 questions unattended to!

Countries with Higher Penetration are Almost There

When it comes to countries with the highest number of Monthly Active Users, they’ve fallen just under the 65% Response Rate Requirement. The US, the country with the highest MAU, at 158 940 160, has earned a 50.2% Response Rate. This is not bad, due to whopping 194 161 questions posted on US brands’ Pages throughout Q1. However, going forward, brands should consider allocating more resources toward responding to social customer care questions.

The UK is another major player on Facebook, with 31 174 580 Monthly Active Users. This country slides just barely under the criterion, earning a 63.9% Response Rate and responding to 34 298 user questions. We wonder if the UK can give it that extra push throughout the next quarter?

Let’s Give a Round of Applause to our Top 5

Following Guatemala, Norway ranks #2 with an exceptional 90.5% Response Rate. These countries are followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark with 87%, 85.7%, and 83.8% Response Rates respectively.

We’ve challenged countries, as well as brands worldwide, to reach and maintain high quality customer care through social media. By reaching our Socially Devoted industry standard, countries are achieving just that. Fans expect exemplary service from brands throughout every social media platform. Why not give it to them?

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