All Platform Results in One Place: the New Social Dashboard!

Socialbakers+ has introduced an exciting new way to track social media performance from a huge variety of platforms. Now, you can measure, compare, and monitor your social media results in one convenient dashboard. Find out how.

All Platform Results in One Place: the New Social Dashboard!

We are thrilled to announce our new solution for your social media strategies, the Social Dashboard. This solution utilizes a simple plug-in based tool that integrates within each company’s monitoring efforts to help them launch their own measurement framework. Social Dashboard is platform agnostic, allowing you to plug in any data from Socialbakers Analytics (Facebook, Facebook Ads, YouTube, and Twitter), as well as the other tools you might use, such as Google Analytics, Omniture, and many others. In fact, Social Dashboard can plug in and measure just about anything with an API, cataloguing results based on your requirements. Our knowledgeable Socialbakers+ staff works closely with you, customizing your dashboard, according to your individual needs. It is the only way to monitor your social strategies, across all channels, in one place throughout variable timeframes.

Whereas our Analytics PRO tool is built to simplify measuring and managing your and your competitors’ engagement, Social Dashboard is built to help companies integrate all of their social data into one place. This way, you can see the performance of all channels within one document, without the costly implementation of a big-data tool, but with 90% of the results.

Need a handy graph to visually measure your social performance? Social Dashboard displays your data through sharable graphs, including figures across multiple platforms.

You can see a presentation on the subject here:

If you are interested in incorporating Social Dashboard to your own social media strategy, please contact us here to get you started right away!

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