The World’s Best Brands in Social Media Customer Care on Twitter

Our Q1 Socially Devoted Results are in! Can you guess which brands provide the best customer care through Twitter? Find out here!

The World’s Best Brands in Social Media Customer Care on Twitter

Tesco Takes First Place in Social Customer Care on Twitter

Even though Tesco has a huge amount of Twitter followers, they still managed to answer a whopping 7 128 questions during Q1 2013! UK telecom companies, Vodafone UK and O2 in the UK also performed well despite also dealing with a large volume, answering 6 001 and 5 175 questions, respectively. These brands deserve a round of applause!

In terms of Response Times, Halo BCA dominates, not only placing sixth in the Twitter Socially Devoted ranking, but answering follower questions in three minutes on average! American Airlines takes a close second, answering questions in just 12 minutes. These are Response Times that brands should be striving for.

When it Comes to Social Customer Care, The Finance Industry Triumphs

Not only did the Finance Industry earn the highest Response Rate, at 62.8%, but they also had the highest increase from Q2 2012 to Q1 2013 – at 35.4%! The Retail Industry increased its Response Rate by 28.6% and Airlines by 20.8%. We commend you on your efforts to improve social customer care on Twitter, but we wonder if brands can take it a step forward and meet the 65% Response Rate criterion for Socially Devoted?

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