How to Use Social Media for Marketing Research

More and more brands are using social media as a communications and advertising channel. However, companies may overlook the fact that these platforms can also be used as a great data source for marketing research. We’ve brought you some tips on how to effectively conduct research through social media.

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Research

Listen to your Audience

The way in which you communicate and advertise your business or product may not always align with what customers find most important. By observing and analyzing how your fans are speaking about your product or service, you can determine which factors are most important within your own strategies, and make adjustments accordingly. You can also engage your customers on social media, creating a dialogue about your product, in order to find out how best to cater to their needs. By understanding how your audience views your product, you can create customer-centric campaigns that will bolster a brand philosophy that your audience will support.

Monitor Your Competitors Closely

It is important to keep an eye on how your competitors’ social media efforts – our Analytics PRO provides you with in-depth statistics on both you and your competitors’ social performance. Once you have determined which competitors you will monitor, follow their Pages and feeds to observe how they engage their audience, what types of posts they create and when they decide to post, what offers they may provide, and any other marketing activities they carry out. By monitoring their Pages, you can learn how to target your audience more effectively or generate new ideas on how to communicate your brand to social media users.

Track Trends Through Social Media

You can track trends through various social media platforms by determining the most current popular posts or topics. After identifying these popular posts, you can gain insights into trending topics in real-time. You may want to consider incorporating these hot topics into your social media efforts in order to raise brand awareness and build a bigger audience.

Twitter allows you to find trending topics by monitoring hashtags or mentions. You can create hashtag searches that are relevant to your product and receive notifications once a Tweeter uses these terms in their posts.

Uncover Important Topics that Might Otherwise be Missed

When gaining insight into what your audience is most interested in, it is important to tread lightly when formulating questions. In order to receive unbiased and relevant information, you must know what to ask. Using certain phrasing and key words are vital components in creating these questions. In other words, your market research is only as valuable as the questions you pose to social media users. In some cases, it may be better not to lead the discussion, but join as an equal. In other instances, you may ask the question, then let your audience run with it and simply observe where the conversation is headed. Their answers may include terms and topics that could be missed instituting other methods of communication.

BrandLove: A New Form of Customer Research

Another way to benchmark your brand is to determine it popularity, and it’s as easy as posting a link on your Facebook site. BrandLove is the new social way to conduct customer research. It collects data from people who rate brands on a scale of 1–10 depending on how likely they would recommend the brand to their friends. Users can access the BrandLove application through Facebook or an iOS app. BrandLove is unlike any traditional market research survey in that users are not influenced by leading questions and brands surveyed are provided with true indications of user sentiment. You can read more about it here or contact a representative today for more information.

We know that most brands are active on social media, and understand the importance of using various platforms for your marketing campaigns. But social media allows you to take a step forward and conduct research in order to improve your strategies. As always, we’ve got the tools to provide you with the most precise data about you and your competitors’ social performance.

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