Know Your Place! Where to Put Ads on Facebook

Since the beginning of last year, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of ad placements and supported platforms available to advertisers on Facebook. Now, knowing what options you have at your disposal is more important than ever!

Know Your Place! Where to Put Ads on Facebook

Facebook took improvements in ad space pretty seriously and implementing these changes proved to be a successful – Facebook’s mobile efforts, in particular, are starting to achieve impressive results.

During the first quarter of 2013, 30% of Facebook’s ad revenue came from mobile devices, rising from 23% during the previous quarter and 14% the quarter before that. In the first quarter of 2012, Facebook mobile constituted 0% of its total revenue. The company has also begun focusing more on ads in the News Feed, opening up a lot of opportunities for advertisers.

Ad Placement Options

Currently, there are six different ad placements available to advertisers:

  • Homepage
  • All Facebook
  • News Feed (desktop, mobile)
  • Typeahead
  • Logout Page (available only through Facebook IO)

Note: Some placements are sold only through Facebook IO, Facebook Ads API, or through Power Editor.


Selecting “Homepage” as a placement will display your ads on the News Feed on desktop, right-hand side on homepage, and on News Feed for mobile.

Available through: Power Editor, API.

All Facebook

This feature includes all placements except for Typehead.

Ads under the “All Facebook” place option may be shown on the right-hand side of Facebook, the desktop News Feed, or the Mobile News Feed. Facebook will decide exactly where to display your ad in order to drive the most clicks and actions, according to your budget.

Available through: Ads Create Flow, Power Editor, API.

News Feed

By selecting “News Feed” as a placement option, your ads will be displayed on both desktop and mobile.

Available through: Promote button on the Page, Power Editor, API.

Note: You can select only one targeted placement through Power Editor or API

(either the desktop or mobile News Feed).


This is one of the most used features on Facebook. It gives advertisers the ability to target searches.

Available through: Power Editor, API.


As you can see, Facebook has provided many different options to fit various advertising needs. By testing a number of ad options, advertisers can find the best working combination for their company and audiences. Be sure to test as many different ad positions as much as you can and don’t forget to read our previous articles about Facebook’s Sponsored Stories and Voice of Business ads, which will help you decide on which type of ad suits your marketing efforts best.

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