The World’s Fastest Responding Brands on Twitter!

We all know the importance of responding to your followers on Twitter, but which companies offer the best service in terms of response times? Take a look at our top ten list…

The World’s Fastest Responding Brands on Twitter!

Using your Twitter Profile as a Social Customer Care Channel

Brands are increasingly incorporating social media platforms into their marketing strategies. Social media Pages can help brands to communicate with their audience, raise brand awareness, attract new customers, and much more. However for many brands social media has become a major customer care channel that requires careful resource planning.

Brands That Are Getting it Right

The bank, Halo BCA, is the fastest responding brand worldwide on Twitter. Not only did it achieve a 95% Response Rate, but answered user questions in just three minutes on average! American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are the fastest responding airline companies on Twitter, responding in 12 and 13 minutes on average, respectively. It is especially important for brands that provide services to respond quickly to whatever questions customers may have and even more important for the Airline Industry, where delays and crises (such as weather) are unavoidable. By responding to user questions quickly, airlines can resolve flights issues and deter negative sentiment from spreading.

Can your Brand take it Up a Notch and Decrease Response Times?

In this social marketing climate, catering to your customers and fan base is extremely important. They depend on you to resolve any problems they may be facing and often don’t have time to waste. We recommend that you respond as quickly as possible to questions on Twitter. If your brand is unable to respond in a timely fashion, you should reconsider your current social media strategy.

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