The UK’s Most Social Brands Announced Today

Headstream partnered with Socialbakers, to help determine the brands leading the way in social media. Find out which brands made the list and how our data can be used to set social KPI’s.

The UK’s Most Social Brands Announced Today

According to social media brand agency, Headstream, an average of 10% of marketing budgets is now spent on social media. A clear indicator that social is firmly part of the marketing mix. For the past two years Headstream has created a shortlist to identify and acknowledge the brands leading the way in social and understand trends around the high performing brands.

This year the agency partnered with Socialbakers to conduct a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. Our Analytics PRO tool provided the integral data needed in order to determine which brands made it on to the list. Our CEO Jan Rezab is pleased to be speaking at the event in London today about our metrics in greater detail, so be sure to catch his presentation!

Using our Data to Create Measurement Frameworks

Socialbakers measured brand engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube over the course of six weeks, using set key performance indicators to determine a Data Score including engagement rates, fan growth, response rates and response times.

Headstream then surveyed the cross-section the brands identified by Socialbakers as customer care leaders, identifying those engaging in equitable relationships, active listening and appropriate social behavior. A combination of these results helped them to develop their annual report and ranking. We really welcome the activity of the agency and think this is a great example of how brands can use our metrics to their advantage and create their own unique measurement frameworks.

The Winners

So who are the top Social 100 brands in Britain? A big congratulations goes to Battlefield, American Airlines, and Lufthansa who made the top three!

Be apart of the action! Join the discussion on Twitter using @socialbrands100 and #sb100. Also, make sure to tune into the live stream during the Social Brands 100 event.

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