How Candytech Evolved into Socialbakers Plus

Many of our frequent visitors probably haven’t heard just how Socialbakers started. We'll give you a brief look into the history of how Candytech evolved into Socialbakers Plus.

How Candytech Evolved into Socialbakers Plus

Before beginning this exciting journey into developing a platform dedicated to analyzing and measuring social media, in 2009, we were a social media agency called Candytech. At that time, we worked with a few clients on their social media strategies, designing and executing campaigns, and managing their communities. We decided to invest our earnings into a business that had the potential to grow. So, we started (you may recall a different name but that’s another story). Some of our core-fans might still remember a tagline from the original logo that said “Powered by Candytech”.

Then the dream became true and the company took off! It gained so much momentum, that the Socialbakers brand has overgrown its mother company and decided to go by that name.

But Candytech hasn’t disappeared. We shifted from a traditional social media agency business to one that provides professional services and consulting within a SaaS company.

However, as time went by, it became too complicated to explain the connection between Socialbakers and Candytech, or even introduce oneself in an e-mail or meeting. That’s why we decided to rename the team from Candytech to Socialbakers Plus. The new name better explains the connection to the rest of the company and implies we add (or “+”) something on top of the standard platform / product solution.

Take a in-depth look at how Socialbakers Plus helps you reveal the story behind the raw data or browse our site for more details.

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