Social Visits: Measure Social Web Traffic with our New App!

Want to know how your web traffic and social activity correlate? Now you can, with our new Social Visits app. Check it out!

Social Visits: Measure Social Web Traffic with our New App!

It’s becoming increasingly important to understand how web traffic interacts with your site, since this indicates where you should allocate your time and resources.

“Visitors to websites influenced by social media are more loyal and satisfied customers, and they spend more than visitors who were not influenced by social media,” says Danielle Leitch, Executive Vice president of MoreVisibility here.

Social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, play unique roles in generating traffic, by providing links to your blog, products, or other website content. Facebook and Twitter also work as reference platforms where people can see the Pages their friends Like and content they’ve interacted with. Even if this doesn´t always immediately transfer to visits, your company’s exposure on news feeds may influence users when they are looking for products and services in the future.

Thanks to Social Visits, a new app we’ve implemented into Analytics PRO, you can measure the correlation between your web traffic and your social activity!

To get started, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign-in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Connect to a Facebook and/or Twitter account
  3. Hit the button to see the correlation

View your results for the last 30 days each time you connect to the app and generate up to three graphs, depending on whether you’ve signed into Facebook, Twitter, or both.

  • All visits + social interaction (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Visits from Facebook + Facebook interactions (Likes and Shares)
  • Visits from Twitter + Twitter interactions (retweets)

Tip: If there is a strong correlation between your social activity and your web traffic, survey your approach for that day, and try to incorporate more of that into your overall social media strategy.

Take advantage of all the insights that Analytics PRO can offer, sign up for a free 14-day trial!

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