Great News: Facebook Insights is Getting an Upgrade

Last night, Facebook blogged that its Insights are getting an upgrade. We’ve been looking forward to this long-awaited announcement because there will be a new way to visualize Facebook statistics for page admins.

Great News: Facebook Insights is Getting an Upgrade

Facebook’s last update to insights occurred late last year, when it introduced local public fan counts for all pages. This feature has pushed Facebook marketing forward in an incredible way, and Socialbakers was the first company (and still one of the only after 6 months!) to have launched and reflected it through our site and on our platform.

The upcoming upgrade looks to be more of a cosmetic redesign, but two metrics are optimized:

  1. It seems as if Facebook has coined the phrase “Unique Impressions” in describing People Reached
  2. Facebook also refers to Engaged Users as account holders who have interacted with the content (the “PTA” equivalent with some slight changes).

The People Talking About metric probably won’t be viable in the future. This makes sense, because the metric was a combination of both engagement (qualitative), and growth (quantitative side), which led to a lot of mix-ups and interpretations not intended for the metric.

Socialbakers will integrate all these changes into our “Facebook Insights Admin Stats” section of our Analytics as soon as they are available in Facebook’s API.

The obvious distinction between Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights is that we integrate Twitter, YouTube, (& more platforms soon).

For a more detailed look at the differences between Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights please read Facebook Insights vs. Socialbakers Analytics.

At Socialbakers, we still think that monitoring, not only your best content, but the content of your competition is the best way to optimize your social marketing and social engagement.

Take a peek at a small piece of what Socialbakers Analytics has to offer:

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