How Game of Thrones Conquered Social Media

Now that the third season, chocked-full of surprising twists, betrayal and murder, has come to a close, we thought we’d recap how this hit series performed on social media. Are the results as surprising as the finale?

How Game of Thrones Conquered Social Media

Game of Thrones Gains Facebook Fans

Three months ago, we shared a Game of Thrones infographic with you that measured how the series was performing at that given time. Since we last monitored the official Facebook Page, the fan count rose from 5 493 248 to 6 350 016. In fact, this Page gained 870 783 fans throughout the entire season, with 32 483 Liking the Page after the penultimate episode!

Also, compared to the last studies’ Twitter stats, the Twitter count rose from just under a million to some 7 million followers!

Notable events, such as the conclusion of this season’s jaw dropping episode, give social media marketers a perfect opportunity to communicate with their fans. Give your fans what they want. Marketers should watch for trending topics, find out what their fans are receptive to, and then keep them at the edge of their seats.

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