Facebook Cover Photos: 20% Rule Goes Out the Window!

Good news! Facebook has let go of its restrictions on cover photo text. Now, you’re free to put as much textual content as you like. But before you fill the space with your a novel, read our guide!

Facebook Cover Photos: 20% Rule Goes Out the Window!

Earlier this year, Facebook announced a 20% stipulation for text on cover images. This meant that brands could only include a certain amount of words when communicating their image through their cover photo. Now, Facebook has lifted the ban on cover photo text, but does that mean you should be cramming it full of text about your companies latest products and services?

We’ve got a few tips for you

1. A picture speaks louder than words

Just because you are allowed to include as many words as you like, it may not always be a good idea. A good rule of thumb to live by when marketing on Facebook is to remember the power of the picture. Facebook fans interact with images more often than any other post type, which means they like to be visually engaged. If your photo is memorable, it’ll speak for itself.

2. Ain’t nobody got time for that

A cover photo that is cluttered with too much text is not only unattractive, the chances are that nobody is going to take the time to read your carefully crafted prose. Think in terms of a headline rather than Hemmingway. Make sure that you strategically place your text, keep it organized, catchy, and relevant to your message.

3. Skip involved product pitches

Recently, Facebook lifted its ban on call-to-action texts on cover photos. So, brands have free range to promote deals, entice fans with give aways, and hold contests through their cover photos. Though, however tempting it is to cram your photo full of products and offers, remember that Facebook is a ‘social network’ for you to engage with your fans, not hard sell to them. Cover photos are the first thing Facebook users see when visiting your Page, so why not leave them something more memorable than a sales pitch?

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