Target your Content: The Best Day of the Week to Tweet

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Target your Content: The Best Day of the Week to Tweet

In this study, we looked at a data sample consisting of the top one thousand most engaging tweets between April 1st and July 2nd, in order to find out which days of the week are best for posting on Twitter. As you can see in the graph below, Friday had the largest quantity of most engaging tweets. However, when comparing Friday’s Engagement Rate to the entire sample of tweets (Relative Engagement Rate), we found that Saturday took the lead.

It seems that brands get the most bang for their buck by posting on Saturdays. Though, there is obviously a lower amount of tweets on that day, the Engagement Rates are through the roof! This may be due to the fact that brands neglect Saturdays and Sundays as a communications opportunity. It could be that because Twitter traffic is lower over the weekend, followers have less tweets to wade through and are more likely to engage with the ones they see.

Note: This study includes all brands, worldwide. Results may vary according to industry and geographical location and will be subject to future studies. Remember, you can keep track of how your competitors are performing with Analytics PRO.

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