The Meteoric Rise of Manchester United on Twitter

Manchester United announced the launch of their @ManUtd Twitter profile and they’re fans are eating it up! Can their fans keep this influx going?

The Meteoric Rise of Manchester United on Twitter

Today, Manchester United joined the tweeting sphere by opening an official Twitter account. Although the team was the last in the top league to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, merely four hours after their first post, @ManUtd boasts 192 133 followers.

Within an hour after their first tweet, which reads “New era, same spirit. The season starts here. Let’s do this. #mufc,” the profile gained over 100K followers.

Compare this to established Twitter profiles in the same league, such as Chelsea (@chelseafc), 2 388 672 followers, and FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona), 9 430 808 followers, Manchester United has got a long way to go. But at this rate, after surpassing the sum of Hull City (@hullcityteam) and Birmingham City’s (@BcfcDotCom) Twitter follower base, @ManUtd is the profile to look out for.

Update to @ManUtd’s ever-growing follower base!

In just one day, Manchester United’s official Twitter profile has grown it’s follower base to a whopping 396 670 users! Loyal fans are lining to up receive news from this football club, and the profile admin is giving them what they want! From updates on Wayne Rooney’s

hamstring injury to changes to PL fixtures, @ManUtd’s profile is dishing it out and the fans are eating it up!

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