The Hall of Lame: the Most Disliked YouTube Brand Videos Come from the FMCG Industry

YouTube is a great social media platform for communicating your brand’s image through video. But what happens when a brand sends the wrong message? We took a look at industries that could take a closer look at what they are conveying to their audience.

The Hall of Lame: the Most Disliked YouTube Brand Videos Come from the FMCG Industry

When posting on social media, it is inevitable that some users may disagree with the content. But when more than 50% of users dislike your videos on YouTube, it’s time to reevaluate your marketing strategies.

FMCG was the Biggest Culprit

When it comes to the FMCG industry, the products usually have a clear purpose, but giving it a little push on YouTube never hurts. And YouTube is the optimal place for doing just that, by exhibiting commercials, interviews, teasers, etc. But sometimes brands miscalculate how well these commercials will perform.

When we looked at the data, our studies found that out of the total number of YouTube videos that received over 50% dislikes, the FMCG industry made 23.7%! This means that, nearly a quarter of these unpopular videos were created by this industry. Take a look at Old Spice’s ad:

Don’t attempt to fool your fans by adding celebrities just for the sake of their status. Send a clear message of what your product offers, without the frills.

The Electronics Industry Trailed Close Behind

Customers in the electronics industry are looking for products they can depend on. In this regard, the product should speak for itself. Overselling your message may cause consumers to distrust the product. 23.5% of videos with more than 50% dislikes came from the electronics industry, illustrating how fans react to misconstrued descriptions of the product. A prime example of this is found in Xbox’s “Anthem”:

Some Industries Might Want to Rework their Content Strategies

Retail (10.8%), auto (12.6%), and telecom (19.5%) were also notable industries with high numbers of disliked videos. Though there are many factors that can contribute to why a video fares badly with fans, brands should focus on what customers connect with. This is why it is important to monitor how your fans are interacting with your content. Be proactive. Follow the comments, likes, and shares underneath your videos and you’re bound to give your fans what they want.

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