Don´t Waste Time – Use Twitter More Effectively with these Handy Shortcuts

Check out our Twitter cheat sheet, it’s full of cheeky shortcuts that will help you save time and boost your productivity. Become a Twitter master and administer your brands profile at lightening speed. And don’t forget to save this infographic somewhere, so you’ll always have it to hand!

Don´t Waste Time – Use Twitter More Effectively with these Handy Shortcuts

Any social marketer knows that community management is more than a full time job. As the number of questions asked on social media rises, so does the need to respond, and respond quickly. So how do you handle the ever-increasing demands? Simple – become more effective! Don’t waste time scrolling around the platform, use these shortcuts instead.

If you also manage a Facebook page, don’t forget to check out our Facebook cheat sheet here. Whether you need neat navigational tricks or crafty keyboard actions, this is the place to find them.

By the way, if you’re interested in hearing about other ways to save time and be more effective, why not take a look at our profile management tool Builder PRO? It allows you to publish all your content from a single and easy-to-use dashboard, manage your profiles as well monitor your competition in real time. You’ll never miss a trick!

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