Honda’s Vine Campaign: Just How Successful Was It?

Honda's Vine promotion launched on Monday certainly got people talking over the last week. But exactly how successful was it? Take a sneak peek at their data and see how you could be measuring your campaign's success!

Honda’s Vine Campaign: Just How Successful Was It?

Honda launched a new ad campaign on Monday that further promotes the company’s popular Summer Clearance Sales Event. The campaign creatively combines both Twitter and Vine social media platforms and uses them to increase and engage the company’s audience of Followers. The whole campaign idea is based around Honda responding near real-time to unhappy car owners on Twitter with a personalized 6-second Vine video reflecting the message of the original Tweet. The key here for everyone who wants to participate is to use #WantNewCar hashtag in the Tweet in order for Honda to know that it should respond to it. The more original the message, the higher the probability that the team will respond to it with a video. So far there has been a few thousand of these Tweets.

Although a major part of the campaign happens in social media it’s also supported with online ads in top automobile websites and by a total of 8 TV spots (with some of them yet to be made) that will be based on real Tweets and short video responses. These will be created by the “Vine” team at Honda which the company has set up to enable quick responsesto all incoming Tweets with the special hashtag. One of the video responses also featured the well known singer Rebecca Black. Below are two examples of all the Vines produced so far:

Now let’s take a look at the campaign from the perspective of Social Media Manager. It’s launch immediately resulted in the change to some of the key Twitter KPIs like Engagement Rate, Followers’ Growth and Number of Mentions. As seen on the graph below the Average Tweet Engagement Rate almost tripled in the first and second day of the campaign reaching close to 0,0400% (when compared to 6-month average of 0,0130%) and is expected to continue growing in the next few days as the campaign spreads from country to country. We decided to compare Honda´s results with Nissan´s Twitter performance because it has a similar follower base (129 276 followers compared to Honda´s 125 551 followers).

First day of the campaign also brought 1020 new Followers (6-month average is 242) and 2 292 Mentions (6-month average is 166). This results in not only many new conversations between Honda and its supporters that can help the company engage its audience but also enables a crowd-source of the most common problems car owners tend to have with their mechanical friends. This is a great source of information for future use for both research & development and communication departments. The immediate results for the company will translate into stronger emotional brand towards Honda (as it cares about not only its own customers but all deprived car owners in general) and it also brings some fresh air into play with campaign’s creativity.

Some other companies using Twitter were quick to react to the campaign with their own hashtag, following the example of Honda to generate some buzz of their own. Results varied brand by brand – below is the example of Ram Trucks:

Overlooking the fact that not every Tweet gets responded to with a video and sometimes there is a few hours delay between the original Tweet and the video response, overall the campaign initiated decent interest of both media and public, generated bigger figures in terms of selected Twitter metrics and put Honda on top of thetrending hashtags list. While Honda is not the first company to combine these two platforms (Marc Jacobs and Nordstrom also use Vine on Twitter to name a few) the execution of its campaign is definitely among the better examples to date. The only question that remains is how much will this activity translate into actual sales figures? A clever incentive (various car-pack discounts or mechandise) could make the campaign spread even more viral and help convert supporters into customers quicker.

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