Top telco providers on Facebook – how well do they perform?

Check out our brief analysis of telco brands on Facebook

Top telco providers on Facebook – how well do they perform?

Socialbakers daily tracks tons of brands on Facebook and analyzes their performance on this social network. Today, we’d like to take a deeper look into the telco market on Facebook.

These are the current TOP5 telco brands on Socialbakers:

Tata Docomo – Indian telco operator currently occupies the first position on this list and it seems no one will pass them in the near future as it also had the biggest growth in the last month. In the last 30 days, Tata Docomo has gained 319 thousand new fans (16,2% rise), while AT&T (US based telco provider) and Avea (Turkish telco provider) has both gained close to 90 thousand new fans (about 6% rise).

If we look closer on these 3 monitored brands, we can see that their posting strategy is fairly equal – Tata Docomo has posted in average 1,33 posts per day in the last month, AT&T has posted 1,47 in average and Avea 1,23 posts in average.

What’s interesting that Tata Docomo and Avea mostly posted photos on their wall whereas AT&T mostly focused on posting links into their newsfeed. So how does posting strategy of these 3 brands influenced their fan’s engagement? Tata Docoma keeps their lead with fan’s engagement. It scores 0,14% where AT&T scored 0,01% and Avea 0,06%. Engagement is calculated as number of interactions in average per posted content on their Facebook Page.

Response rates are very important for telco operators on Facebook. Fans use this channel for communication with their providers, asking sales or even support questions. Let’s look at the TOP3 brands, how do they communicate with their fans.

Tata Docomo doesn’t allow fans to write on their on wall which we certainly take as a big minus point for them. Other two monitored brand are doing much better job.

AT&T responded over 38 % of more than 4700 user wall posts in the last 30 days. What’s even more impressive – almost 75% of them were responded within first the 30 minutes!

Avea is also doing a great job – it has responded to more than 72% of their 1700 user wall posts where more than 70% of these were responded within the first 30 minutes.

All of these and much more can be monitored with Socialbakers Page Analytics, get your free trial running today!

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