Brands in All industries Increase Social Customer Care Performance! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Socialbakers has been measuring how well brands performed in terms of social customer care for over a year now. Take a look at our results and see how brands have become more Socially Devoted.

Brands in All industries Increase Social Customer Care Performance! [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a social media analytics company, we quickly realized how important social customer care is when it comes to social media strategies. In fact, we were the first company to implement a measurement system to determine just how well brands performed in social care! When we introduced Socially Devoted as an industry standard for social media marketing, we were shocked at how many customer questions went unanswered – 70%! Throughout the year, brands have really risen to the challenge, recognizing the importance of customer care on social.

When determining if a brand is Socially Devoted or not, we take different metrics into account. First, it is crucial for brands to open their walls, in order to allow two-way communication with fans. We also measure the number of fans, number of questions posted on a brand’s page, the time it takes for a brand to answer user questions, and the percentage of user wall posts that get responded to. Our criteria state that 65% of questions must be responded to by brands to earn the Socially Devoted title. We are able to measure any company with an open wall, simply by adding it as a “brand” on There are no limits to how we measure user questions on Twitter, though, Facebook becomes a bit more complicated once you factor in replies in the comments section. But great news! We’ve currently updated our measurement tool to include comments and will be shown in Q3’s results. This may change the game completely!

Q2 2013 Socially Devoted Results

The results are stunning! 62% of questions are being answered in social media, as opposed to the 30% that were responded to in Q2 2012. This means that there was a +143% increase in just a year! Now that companies are responding to user questions, customers are eager to post their concerns on brands’ pages. Many fans do not have the time to wait for answers through standard channels, such as call centers or email, so they expect prompt replies from customer care representatives through social. In fact, the number of questions asked on brand pages on Facebook has increased by 85% over the last year. Some brands may want to consider implementing a 24/7 customer care team, if necessary, into their social strategy.

Top Performing Industries

The airline industry takes the lead with a whopping 79% response rate! This is a great leap from a year ago, when this industry was at 55%. Finance and Telecom trailed closely, earning 78% and 75.% response rates, respectively. The fashion industry had the biggest increase, by 40% from Q2 2012 to Q2 2013.

Brands Who Got it Right

We want to give a round of applause to the top 10 most Socially Devoted brands. KLM takes first place, followed by Claro and Movistar. The telecom industry dominates the top 10 ranking, with brands Claro, Movistar, Personal Argentina, Telstra 24×7, Orange, and TIM. It’s exciting to see that an industry that is subject to receive numerous customer questions rose to the occasion, providing great social customer care.

Of course, social media customer care is an important element, but not the only part of how to be successful in social marketing – that’s also about great reach (including paid reach), great content, and creating a strategy that generally works. The more efforts companies make towards their fans directly though, the more successful other parts of the strategy will be.

Can your brand rise to the challenge? Take your social customer care to the next level and become Socially Devoted today!

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