Doing Great Social Customer Care on Twitter? What Next?

Once you operate top class social customer care on Twitter, what are the next steps? Guest blogger Jakub Hrabovsky, CEO of Manage Social, discusses what it takes to move your brand to the next level.

Doing Great Social Customer Care on Twitter? What Next?

We all know by now, that Socialbakers’ Socially Devoted metric measures the effectiveness of social customer care. Whilst there is no doubt that customer care is one of the more important aspects when it comes to brand’s presences in social channels, there are other factors that determine social success in its entire complexity and earn your company desired kudos from followers. Public praise and acknowledgement is by far the best mark your social teams can achieve and is priceless for your brand’s reputation.

There is a plethora of companies tweeting as we speak, but for the most part mere content syndication is still prevalent. This is both sad and boring. Socially Devoted takes it a step further by challenging brands to respond to customer inquiries and make their punters happy.

However, the true champs are those few that hit the sweet spot and reach out beyond their current customer base. As well as being customer obsessed, they’re entertaining, energetic, their tweets get shared, and most importantly, they devoutly listen what’s being said. Then, in real-time, they cleverly and non-intrusively ‘hijack’ relevant conversations. These social marketers are not afraid to follow and interact with high profile users and celebrities, as well as tackle tough reputational issues head on.

Most importantly, they use Twitter to give their company a distinguishable face, while trying not to take themselves too seriously. As a result, they’re able to spread their online presence and grow their influence organically much faster than they ever could through conventional advertising.

One of these brands is @tacobell. Hands down. With over 700K followers, they are top of my social media chart. See for yourself:


Being entertaining is a provocative part of interacting with followers, but the true benefit in listening is virtually limitless. You can find disgruntled customers and help them, which if done consistently, will overtime improve your Net Promoter Score. You can also listen to what your competition’s doing and what makes their customers unhappy. With these new insights, you can then set up your social media acquisition strategy or improve your products and services to get ahead in your industry. Raw feedback from the social media sphere will save you money and resources, which you’d otherwise have spent running expensive focus groups and offline research. So if your company is active on Twitter, make sure you’re Socially Devoted and turn it up a notch!


CEO of Manage Social

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