Here’s an Excuse to Watch Some Funny YouTube Ads

Here at Socialbakers, we believe that helping marketers is a serious business. That’s why we always strive to cover every facet of social marketing. Today we touch on the most grave topic of all. Humor.

Here’s an Excuse to Watch Some Funny YouTube Ads

Every week we bring you in-depth information on how to make a top performing Facebook ad, how to find the right engagement rate and even drill down into when the best day is to post on Facebook. We spend hours studying excel sheets, tweaking codes and analyzing data to bring you the most up to date figures that will help your business. That’s why, when our content team told us that funny YouTube ads would be of the utmost importance to our audience, and required extensive research – we believed them.

After all, more people are flocking to YouTube for entertainment than TV, and it is vital for brands to not only get subscribers attention but also maintain it. It’s Friday, grab a coffee, take a load off your feet, and check out some of the most popular videos of 2013 (all in the name of legitimate research of course):

1. Relate to your fans. The on-going fight regarding which is the tastier part of an Oreo cookie continues. But what happens when you bring that fight to a library? From when this ad was uploaded onto Oreo’s official YouTube channel six months ago, 2 561 066 have found out!

2. Invite your fans to participate. This year, Doritos invited fans to create their own Super Bowl Commercials. This ad resonated well with Dorito-lovers and Chihuahua haters, earning 1 452 340 views.

3. Play around. HTC jokes around with its name, creating acronyms for absurdly silly ideas. 1 449 104 fans viewed this video since it was created on August 14th, enjoying celeb Robert Downey Jr.’s guest role.

4. Serenade your fans. Meatloaf and chocolate may not be everyone’s idea of a great combination, but 2 739 606 people have enjoyed this M&M’s advert for the last six months.

5. Keep it going. Beer brand, Dos Equis’, “The Most Interesting Man in the World” ads were first aired in the US in 2006! Since then, the videos continue to humor fans worldwide. The most recent was uploaded to the official YouTube channel June 17th, and has already gained 71 858 views.

So, give your fans a little more than a marketing message. And if you ever want to find out how a brand’s channel is performing, you can monitor any YouTube channel’s performance with Socialbakers Analytics.

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