Pre-Election Update: Australia Decides [Infographic]

As we are approaching the federal elections in Australia, the tension is building up on Facebook. Check out how the strongest candidates measure up in our infographic!

Pre-Election Update: Australia Decides [Infographic]

The upcoming Australian federal elections will determine the members of the 44th Parliament of Australia. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will attempt to win a third term for the incumbent Labor government against the opposition coalition, led by opposition leader Tony Abbott of the center-right Liberal Party of Australia. The ballots aren’t open until September 7th, but people can already predict the results thanks to public opinion polls and the social media buzz revolving around the strongest candidates. In fact, these votes are said to be the first Australian elections fully incorporating social media and the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers became subject to strong accusations between the two hottest candidates. Australian Prime Minister aspirant, Tonny Abbott was accused in the press of buying Facebook fans while the current Prime Minster acknowledged that some of his Twitter followers are not genuine.

How Do the Candidates Measure Up on Facebook?

This infographic investigates how the candidates improved their social media engagement since they announced the election. It will also show you how Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, and their parties stand when it comes to interactions (Likes, Comments, and Shares), the People Talking About this metric, their most engaging posts, and most frequently used words to attract votes. To get a look at the wider picture, we’ve also included the performance of Christine Milne, the leader of the Australia Greens. So what are you waiting for? Check it out and support your candidate by voting on September 7th, 2013!

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