Brands Get Ready for Christmas on Facebook…In September

Fashion trends and consumer behavior impact the market, and so do trends on Facebook. Check out Socialbakers’ stats on when Page admins tend to post content and run campaigns, and how users are responding to these social trends.

Brands Get Ready for Christmas on Facebook…In September

Every year in the months leading up to Christmas it’s the same routine. People start their holiday preparations, trees lose their leaves, the weather gets colder, and marketing departments around the world invest their budgets in advertising and content. So, we decided to take a look at how Page admins on Facebook behave in the run up to the festive season compared to other months – are they posting more content? And if so, how is the audience reacting to this trend?

The Busiest Content Posting Period is September – December

For our study, we compared the monthly volumes of Admin posts, User posts and interactions (Likes, Comments, and Shares) over the course of the year, focusing on three of the busiest industries: Electronics, FMCG, and Fashion. We examined a selection of developed markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Russia. Our results showed that, unsurprisingly, Page admins from these countries prefer to post content and run campaigns after the summer holiday season right up until Christmas, whereas they relax their content strategy from January to April. The number of total interactions they generate from their audience copies this trend, which implies that these posts are promoted.

Boosting Sales and Cutting Through

The US audience, for example, shows a major spike in Facebook user interactions in December, whereas usually more traffic means less interactions as news feeds get busier. This is most likely due to the fact that Page admins invest the most in Facebook advertising in these months – to boost summer and winter sales and to cut through the crowds in the news feed. That could also explain, why Facebook users prefer to post on Facebook from July to December, as more product and customer service related questions arise.

With all of this traffic, and the high number of posts during the run up to Christmas, it seems that the only way for brands to cut through the crowds will soon be to use paid content. In fact this certainly isn’t the first of our studies that seems to indicate this trend.

Stay tuned for solutions on how marketers can manage their advertising strategies in this busy new environment with Ad Analytics!

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