Top 10 Facebook Places – almost all are airports

We've been measuring Facebook Places for some time already, so let's take look on the progress Facebook Places have done!

Top 10 Facebook Places – almost all are airports

Socialbakers, one of the largest social media statistics portal in the world, is the only portal monitoring Facebook Places numbers around the world, and also in different countries.

The largest Facebook Places are mostly airports, except for Las Vegas, all of them are airports. Funny that it is not consistent with the traffic on the airports, but is slowly catching up.

The difference of checkins in 50 days are almost a 50% increase on checkins, specifically for Los Angeles Airport, this means 125 000 checkins, 2 500 checkins per day. That is roughly 1 – 1,5% of all passengers check in. Considering group checkins are not counted in the checkin numbers (every checkin is calculated as one), this can be even more.

How does this make you think about your Facebook Places strategy?

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