Fan-to-Fan: Which Industries Build the Strongest Facebook Communities?

Are your fans communicating with each other? We took a look at the volume of fan-to-fan interactions on brands’ Facebook Pages to assess the strength of their communities and see if they are truly social, or just communicating with the brands themselves.

Fan-to-Fan: Which Industries Build the Strongest Facebook Communities?

We at Socialbakers, were curious to see which industries have the strongest fan communities on Facebook. We measured the total number of fan-to-fan interactions to determine just how they were engaging with each other on brands’ Pages. Fashion, auto, and ecommerce industries have the strongest communities, respectively, in terms of total interactions. This holds true for total Likes and Comments as well. It’s no surprise that fans in these industries want to discuss the latest lines and models.

However, when we considered Shares from fan posts, the FMCG, nonprofit, and travel industries take the lead. This is probably due to the summer holidays when travel is at its peak and fans want to share their experiences with each other. We will take a look at these communities again during the fall months to see whether FMCG, travel, and nonprofit fans are still as enthusiastic during the change of the season.

We’d like to reiterate how important it is for brands to have open Walls. What better way for fans to promote your products than socially? Allowing fans to interact with each other about your brand bolsters your image, promotes loyalty, and encourages traffic to your Page. Strengthen your own community today by echoing how well these industries open their lines of communication!

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