Closed vs Open Facebook Walls: How Engagement is Affected

We took a look at brand Pages to see whether having an open or closed wall affects Engagement Rates and found some interesting results!

Closed vs Open Facebook Walls: How Engagement is Affected

We chose an industry that has a high amount of social traffic to their Facebook Pages namely the airline industry. Fans of this industry are eager not only to interact with the content that admins post, but also create posts about their own travel experiences. Not to mention the important fact that users often ask customer service questions on these Pages.

We’ve reiterated just how important it is for brands to provide great social customer care to fans over various social media platforms. But what happens when customers are unable to post their questions on brands’ walls?

Engagement Rates May Rise, but Fans Aren’t Interacting with Content…

We measured the Engagement Rates of 50 Pages with the highest number of fans in the Airline Industry to determine how they are affected by closed walls. We did find that the Engagement Rate was a bit higher for Pages with closed walls because of one crucial fact: fans were less frequently interacting with content but rather posting their customer care questions in the comments sections of admin posts! Since fans have no other place to ask their customer service questions, they post them there, disregarding the admin post altogether, steering what could be a healthy fan conversation away from the topic of the post.

Fans Interact More on Open Walls

Still, open walls promote more fan interaction. Fans don’t feel the need to post their concerns in the comments sections, and therefore are interacting with the actual content of the post. By interacting with admin posts, fans are also in conversation with each other and inadvertently promoting your posts, instead of taking the topic elsewhere.

Don’t encourage user comments to distract from your social media campaigns. By keeping an open wall, your brand can promote interactions with your content, encourage healthy conversations with fans, provide a proper space for social customer care, and build a strong community. Allow your posts to reach their full potential by opening your walls today!

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