Boost It Like You Mean It: Be Selective With Your Facebook Content

Promoted posts on the Facebook news feed means brands have more control of their social advertising. But being able to boost content does not necessarily reach more fans. Find out why quality content and ad optimization are now more important than ever.

Boost It Like You Mean It: Be Selective With Your Facebook Content

Socialbakers is taking an in-depth look at how brands are managing their social media. Last week we wrote about a growing trend that shows more brands are managing their social media internally, instead of relying on external agencies to support their social advertising. One of the reasons for this is that brands are noticing the tactical advantage of in-house analysis and real-time engagement.

On Facebook especially, brands are making use of the news feed by serving up their best content. How so? Facebook’s promoted posts open the news feed to brands’ social advertising, which means brands are no longer limited to the sidebar. With paid advertising, brands have more control, and more at stake, when promoting their identity and products. This changes the game considerably, and creates incentive for brands to post only their strongest content in order to stand out.

Boost Quality, Avoid Spamming

Facebook’s new news feed algorithms will sink underperforming content, favoring only posts with the highest fan engagement at the top. However, simply boosting a post and adding money to promote content does not guarantee successful outreach to fans. If the content is unpopular and fans are not responding, the social ad is not going to perform–regardless of the budget or number of times the content gets boosted. In fact, you can think of boosting underperforming posts as a social media faux pas.

Socialbakers’ statistics show that brands prefer to boost select posts, as opposed to boosting many posts, or not having any strategy at all. In order to gain attention on Facebook, advertisers must create a decisive posting and boosting campaign with an informed content strategy.

So, this raises some important questions: how do you know which content to boost, and when? Which metrics can you analyze to get the most out of Facebook’s social advertising?

A few months ago, we briefly introduced Ad Analytics, a soon to be launched social ad optimization platform, that Socialbakers is excited to deliver to marketing teams around the world. Knowing which content to boost and when is the difference between boring your fans and staying engaged, retaining their excitement and loyalty. Ad Analytics will offer several key metrics for social media analysis and suggestions on keywords and best time of day for outreach.

Stay tuned to this blog in the coming weeks as Socialbakers prepares to launch Ad Analytics!

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