Brands Plan to Spend Big in Social Advertising

Socialbakers has once again served up some tasty statistics! In our recent survey, we found that brands are spending big on Facebook’s social ads. Content promotion and ad spend overall is expected to increase. We take a look at the numbers and share our insights!

Brands Plan to Spend Big in Social Advertising

In recent weeks we’ve discussed why more brands prefer Facebook, manage their social advertising internally and the benefits of selective post boosting. But respondents to our recent survey confirm another trend we are excited to talk about! Spend on Facebook social advertising and promoted content is seeing a tremendous increase.

In fact, over half of our respondents spend up to 50–99% of their Facebook advertising on promoting content –

and many of these brands expect a 50% increase in their social ad spend for the next three years.

Why Content Matters for Social Advertising

Social advertising is a part of life on Facebook, where most brands prefer to engage their audience and attract new fans. The increase in ad spend is common sense, after all it’s the most populated social network, and as such Facebook produces many, many measurable factors that can help advertisers target their messages. But with Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm policing the news feed for underperforming content, and fans’ power to ignore or overtake those messages, brands are realizing that to make the most of their ad spend they need to take promoting their content seriously.

How Ad Analytics Helps Optimize Content

We know that brands expect their social ad spend to continue increasing, but can they optimize their content promotion strategy so that it resonates positively with fans? Ad campaigns supported by analytics have the advantage of keying into metrics and revealing performance factors that build effective social strategy. Navigating the vast attention market on Facebook is not about organic reach anymore, it’s about strategic publishing and content promotion.

No one understands this better than Socialbakers, and we’re ready to help! In just over a week, we’re launching an optimization tool for social ads on Facebook.

Ad Analytics enables brands to build and target custom audiences, manage multiple ad accounts and campaigns, schedule boosting for the best performing content and more. We’re revealing details as we build up to the launch, so stay tuned to this blog!

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