How Bright did the 2013 Emmys Shine Over Social Media? [Infographic]

With the 65th Prime Time Emmy Awards soon approaching, we measured just how much buzz they generated over social media. Check out what we found!

How Bright did the 2013 Emmys Shine Over Social Media? [Infographic]

We took a look at the official Prime Time Emmy Award pages over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube over the last month to see how well they performed. In terms of number of fans, Twitter takes the lead with 56 357 fans, almost double that of Facebook. Predictably, the US had the highest percentage of Facebook fans, followed by Canada, Brazil, and Mexico, respectively, with India taking fifth place.

During the studied time range, Game of Thrones dominated as the nominated drama series that gained the most Twitter buzz. Another HBO series, Girls, earned the most mentions as a nominated comedy series. Series in the drama and comedy categories gained the most popularity overall in terms mentions over Twitter.

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