Ad Analytics! The Future of Social Ad Management

Ad Analytics has arrived! Our amazing new tool will help you to manage all of your Facebook ad accounts, campaigns and promoted posts in one easy to use interface. Create, budget and monitor with ease. Best of all, optimize your ad performance with data from our powerful analytics engine. But don’t just read the fluff, see below for a list of Ad Analytics features!

Ad Analytics! The Future of Social Ad Management

Ad Booster Features

Ad Analytics includes an ad boosting feature, which strategically enhances the performance of your posts by monitoring and boosting them in the News Feed. The Ad Booster dashboard displays all of your posts, including unpublished posts and posts published on your Pages. Refresh the dashboard to view your latest activity and results!

Auto Booster

Schedule automatic boosting for your best performing posts! Set a threshold on organic reach, and your posts will be boosted without you having to keep an eye on the reach. Spend more time on your content strategy, and less time monitoring every single post. Schedule your boosts, and let Ad Analytics do the rest!

Filtering and Results

Ad Booster allows you to filter all the posts you’ve published on your Page by content type, status (whether they are actively promoted or paused), with more status types to be added in the future.

Track your ad spend, Costs Per Like, Costs Per Action, and Click Through Rate (CTR).

Ad Analytics Features

The heart and soul of your social business is analytics! Don’t just bet on organic reach when you can target and boost your posts intelligently. With Ad Analytics, all key social metrics are presented in easy to read visualizations. Easily export these to PDF for fast reporting and assessment. All of your active promotions are listed together in a single interface, allowing you to see general or precise performance metrics.

Below are just some of the key metrics we’ve baked into Ad Analytics:

Key Competitor Fan Overlap

How many of your fans are also fans of your competitors? Answering this helps you target ad campaigns and social ads differently.

Keep your existing audience engaged with social advertising, posting great content in News Feed. And target your acquisition campaigns to promote fan growth. You can avoid wasting money on advertising to your existing fans, and keep affinity for your content which has been targeted especially for them.

Ad Type Effectiveness

Knowing the most effective ad type for your audience is crucial to keeping their attention. Are relevant (social) ads or Sponsored Stories performing better for you? Don’t bet on one ad type or waste money on both if one isn’t performing. You’ve worked hard coming up with some great content, now publish it effectively!

Ad Placement Distribution

Are most of your fans viewing your great content on their iPhones, tablets or other mobile devices? Or are they mostly engaging from their desktop computers? Answering these questions will help you optimize your content for your fans’ preferred platforms. This will also answer whether or not you should bother with Right Hand Side (RHS) ads, since these are not visible with mobile browsers or apps.

Country Overview

Targeting your campaigns for markets in different countries can be tricky. For example, you have to consider different time zones, languages and demographics. Measuring your ad performance across several countries and markets can help you target effectively and tailor campaign ads for region specific audiences.

Time of Day Effectiveness

Time of Day Effectiveness is a metric which enables you to post when most fans are logged in to Facebook. Like Ad Type, Time of Day Effectiveness is essential knowledge for your ad campaigns. Optimize your posting strategy for several markets in different time zones!

Ad Manager Features

A powerful tool on its own, Ad Manager is where you act on your analytics! Create multiple ads at once and make bulk changes for all of your campaigns. Test, optimize and automate your ads to make the best use of your budgets and increase ROI.

Ad Manager helps you track the performance of individual ad accounts and all running campaigns and ads. Get an overview of performance on the Campaigns Overview Screen. And track any metrics related to your campaign (such as ad spend, CTR, etc.) with complete and easy to read visualizations.

Daily Ad Spend Overview

Ad Manager displays your daily ad spend for five-day periods.

Complete Overview of All Campaigns

Keep performance records of all ad campaigns, including past and discontinued campaigns.

Conversion Setting

Ad Manager lets you define your own conversions. Keep track of significant actions people take on your website after they click on or view your ad.

Custom Audiences

Import your existing customer data (names, email, phone numbers, Facebook IDs) to create custom audiences. Then segment and advertise directly to those groups.

Automated pausing

Set rules to pause promotion on ads that aren’t getting the clicks, impressions, actions, CTR and other metrics you choose. Don’t lose money promoting ads that aren’t performing!

Ad Creation Features


Ad Analytics supports all Facebook ad types and formats.


Ad Manager allows you to schedule each of your campaigns and ads on one dashboard. Run your ad continuously from today, enter a start/end time and date, or set up a daily timetable to avoid promoting on days, or times of day, when your fans are not likely to be logged in.


Set-up basic and advanced targeting in minutes! Target by location, age, gender, education, orientation, relationship status, language, Facebook connections and broad and specific interests. Mix and match these options to target as generally or precisely as you need.


Allocate your budget strategically and with ease. For every ad you create, you can Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Action or select Optimized Pricing which splits your budget between all three and ad reach.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Ad Analytics is a fully featured power tool for managing your social advertising on Facebook. In summary, with Ad Booster you can automate boosting for your most engaging posts, freeing you to spend more time strategizing, and less time monitoring every single post. Optimize your ad content, timing and targeting with Ad Analytics. And with Ad Manager enjoy complete monitoring and control of your ad accounts, campaigns and ads, as well as check up on your competitors.

Ready to analyze, manage, and optimize your ad performance? Register for a demo of Ad Analytics today, or get in touch with our sales team!


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