Tips for Social Media Targeting and Segmentation

If you’re new to Facebook marketing or you have a feeling that your current Facebook marketing strategy could work better, read the following tips on segmentation and targeting which will help you create a successful campaign.

Tips for Social Media Targeting and Segmentation

Targeting and appropriately segmenting customers is crucial to marketing and sales success. In social media, both practices can be made easier through the use of marketing software and dashboards, which enable customer profiling, monitoring, and segmenting.

Whilst you could argue that every customer is different, you can usually put customers into groups with common traits, such as age, social class, spending power, gender, or buying attitudes. This is known as segmentation – dividing a market into sub groups of people or organisations with common needs or preferences, who are likely to react or purchase in the same way.

It is very unusual to find a market where one product is equally acceptable to all types of customers. Even basic products like sugar and salt are used by different consumers for different purposes and are available in different forms. If you can identify market segments whose needs are not catered for for the standard form of product, and you can supply those needs profitably, then you have the basis of a good business.

For ways to use Socialbakers Ad Analytics to target multiple audiences:

How to Segment in Social Media?

Baring in mind that any advertising message your brand sends through social media is publicly visible and will receive instant feedback, there is only one golden rule: Try to reach people who are interested in your product, and then tell your story.

Thanks to the marketing segmentation available in social channels, you have the opportunity to reach exactly the part of the population you wish, which makes advertising that much more effective.

Some different ways you can segment your market include the following;

  • Demographics that focuse on the characteristics of the customer. For example age, gender, income bracket, education, job, and cultural background.
  • Lifestyle, such as social class, lifestyle, personality, opinions, and attitudes.
  • Behaviour that is based on customer behaviour,, like online shoppers, shopping centre customers, brand preference and prior purchases.
  • Geographical location such as continent, country, state, province, city or rural that the customer group resides.


After segmenting the market based on the different groups and classes, you will need to choose your targets. No one strategy will suit all consumer groups, so being able to develop specific strategies for your target markets is very important.

To perfect your targeting, it’s necessary to test your ads against other demographics. This is something you should always do and monitor performance because successful social media ad optimization requires a lot of testing.

How to Make your Advertising more Effective?

The most efficient way to set up successful segmentation and targeting is through third party apps, like Ad Analytics, which can help you quickly evaluate all Facebook ads activities, track conversion and optimize your advertising activity. These tools give you many options to segment the population and reach the right demographics based on geography, gender, interests and many other parameters. To make sure you reach the right people and, the best option is to make multiple ads and test them against each other.

Positioning – Telling the Right Story

Finding your audience isn’t everything. Once you’ve tracked down your potential buyers you have to present an appealing clickable story. Positioning is developing a product and brand image in the minds of consumers. It can also include improving a customer’s perception about the experience they will have if they choose to purchase your product or service. A brand can positively influence the perceptions of its chosen customer base through strategic promotional activities and by carefully defining your business’ marketing mix.

How many ads and commercials are you bombarded with everyday? How many of these do you think lead to a purchase? It’s in this noise that you need to make your ads stand out. Getting your message to the right demographic is one highly important aspect, getting people to click and buy is perhaps even more important and justifies your spend.

The title of your ad, body text and image are the most important for Facebook marketing. Again testing multiple types of ads with different content will determine your success.


A well-known Facebook marketing fact is that your ads well show different results based on day of the week you are running them. The biggest difference is normally between weekdays and weekends. However, the time period of the day the ads are shown also has a big impact on the performance.

Depending on what kind of campaign you are running, investigate and test to run your ads on different days and on different times of the day to identify when they are most profitable.


At the first glance it seems like social media advertising is a pretty complicated beast. In reality, it’s much simpler, especially because there are tools which will help you manage your advertising campaigns effectively allowing you to test out different target audiences, messages, content and timings and see results in a clear and comparable way. To succeed your campaigns need to be social at heart with your end-user in mind, targeted thoroughly through segmentation and tailored content to inspire the right response, which will lead to purchase and justifiable return on Investment.

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