Facebook Basics: Boosting and Targeting Posts

With the launch of Ad Analytics, we’ve been talking lots about social advertising on Facebook. The News Feed gives marketers great targeting potential. But unless you provide fantastic content and know how to boost properly, all of your efforts are wasted. Here’s a how-to on boosting your posts.

Facebook Basics: Boosting and Targeting Posts

You’ve posted in the News Feed and you’re getting all kinds of engagement. Great work! Fans are Liking, commenting, and sharing your content. But now what? With all the work you’ve put into your awesome content, why not ensure you get the maximum reach and engagement? In fact, you’re ready to boost your post back into the News Feed!

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Boosted posts are normal Page posts which get additional paid reach. Like all of your posts, your boosted content appears in your fans’ News Feed. A major advantage to boosting is targeting your post toward different groups based on its performance. For example, once you know what content works for particular age groups, you can adjust your targeting to reach more fans in that group in different locations. In short, boosting a post can significantly increase its reach (and value).

So let’s get boosting! Below is a nifty how-to, with a few tips on targeting.

1. The Boost Post button is on the bottom right of your post. Click it to get started.

2. Next, select your audience. You can choose to limit your reach to fans and their friends, but let’s take this to the next level! Select People you choose through targeting.

3. Use the Add Targeting drop-down menu to target your boosted post by Location, Age, Gender, and Language. You can even target with multiple criteria (For example, say you wanted to target males in Austin, Texas ages 21–35. No problem!).

4. Now enter your budget. Before you’re finished, you will see an estimate on how many people in your “potential audience” you can expect to reach for your budget.

5. Boost Post!

You might be thinking, ‘This sounds great and simple, but that’s a lot of clicking for just one post. I can’t imagine doing that for every post I want to boost!’

As always, Socialbakers has you covered. Launched just last month, Ad Booster is a powerful feature of Ad Analytics, our new ad optimization platform for Facebook! With Ad Booster, you can set rules which automate boosting for all of your best performing posts. You also get advanced targeting controls, visual reporting on basic and advanced performance metrics, and many other features which help you analyze, manage, and optimize your social advertising.

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