Eight Impressive YouTube Tricks

So you’ve finished uploading the latest corporate blockbuster to your company’s YouTube channel, now what? Impress your colleagues with some nifty Easter eggs…

Eight Impressive YouTube Tricks

With over a billion viewers, reaching more people than TV, and over 6 billion hours of videos watched each month, YouTube is definitely the front runner in video sharing platforms. We’ve already stressed how important it is for social media marketers to promote their campaigns and people over YouTube, in fact, you can take a look at some of the best performing brands here.

Of course, for every great platform, there are always a few tricks (or Easter eggs)). So here’s some weird and wonderful things you can have fun with. Don’t worry, we promise you won’t break the internet. Try them all!

Star Wars fans, type “use the force, luke” into your YouTube search bar to warp your screen.

And Trekkies, don’t worry, we’ve got a surprise for you too. Type “beam me up, scotty” into YouTube’s search and see what materializes.

Play Missile Command while watching your favourite video by typing “1980” once your video is playing.

For all you users confident in LEET speak, type in “1337” while watching your video and $33 th3 c0mm3nt$ chan63 in fr0nt 0f y0ur 3y3$.

Are you a numbers buff? Type “fibonacci” into the search bar and see your results arranged in this mathematical sequence.

Good news for fans of My Little Ponies. Searching for “ponies” or “bronies” decorates your screen.

This text was created in the distant future (the year 2000), after the 90’s robot uprising. You can be privy to it, by typing this code into the search bar: http://youtube.com/robots.txt

You can also take your YouTube window down to the basics with Unix terminal style. Typing in “/ geekweek” will change it to this option, though this trick works for any command beginning with a backslash.

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