Top Brands Adapt to Booming Demand for Social Customer Care

Since we released our first Socially Devoted results in 2011, more brands and customers are beginning to realize the importance of social customer care. And along with this, we’ve seen the demand for customer care from users on Facebook and Twitter grow enormously. In fact, just in the last year, from Q3 2012 until now (Q3 2013), we’ve found that the number of questions asked on Facebook has increased by over 56%.

Top Brands Adapt to Booming Demand for Social Customer Care

It used to be that, when you had a question or complaint, you picked up a phone, or you wrote an email. The days of being put on hold on support lines are now almost a thing of the past. These days, customers realize that they can reach brands directly through social networks. Often, it’s faster, more reliable, and more open–a public question on Facebook or Twitter holds a brand accountable to its customers, and both brands and customers know this.

People demand the most social customer care from Telecom, Retail, and Electronics

But in which industries are users demanding the most social customer care? The answer is surprisingly consistent on both major social media networks worldwide. On both Facebook and Twitter, 36% of questions are asked to the Telecom industry, trailed by both Retail (16% on Facebook, 15% on Twitter) and Electronics (15% on Facebook, 13% on Twitter).

All of this shows how and where users are demanding social care. But how are brands responding to the challenge? As a case study, we looked at the Telecom brands on Twitter for the last quarter and measured their performance. The results were surprising–while a very respectable 20% of brands are performing amazingly and have reached our standard of Socially Devoted, the remaining 80% still have quite a lot of room for improvement (offering little to no social customer care).

10% of brands are handling the vast majority of questions on Facebook and Twitter

The numbers show another impressive fact. Amidst the exploding demand for customer care, brands which excel at social customer care are far in the front, in terms of questions received. We found that astonishingly, an elite 10% of brands are handling the vast majority of questions on Facebook (85%) as well as on Twitter (89%). This could be linked to the rise in social customer care teams, which we discussed in our survey from last quarter.

As we’ve seen from the numbers and from leading brands, it’s becoming more and more important to do social customer care, and to do it well. With proper resources, strategy, and social media analytics, you too can join the best of the best in social customer care.

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