A Dash of Social: Bakers Get Mixing on Facebook

Amateur bakers all over tuned in to The Great British Bake Off on Tuesday. Pre-heated by the upcoming finale, their excitement for the fourth season’s last showstopper is evident by its fan growth on Facebook. Being a kind of bakers ourselves, we thought to compare the fan impact of GBBO to that of MasterChef, another preeminent cooking show on British TV.

A Dash of Social: Bakers Get Mixing on Facebook

The fourth season of GBBO started on August 20. On that day alone, fans on its Facebook Page grew by a simmering 9,047. Each week, fan count would rise especially on the day and day after the show aired. Over the next 10 weeks the fan count would be brought to a boil, rising from 121,600 fans to 232,184 (a 95% increase) by its finale.

In the same time range, August 20 to October 22, MC counted a 25% increase in Page fans. Notably, at this time there wasn’t a MasterChef season on air, but it’s worthwhile to mention that after nine completed seasons (since its revival in 2005) GBBO has significantly surpassed its popularity on Facebook after only four. What’s GBBO’s recipe for success?

For GBBO, Page posts were particularly frequent on the days the show aired, with the number of posts increasing each week. As contestants glazed, drizzled and crimped to out-bake each other, GBBO amplified the story’s suspense and fan involvement on its Facebook Page. Interactions and engagement rates would climb until the final episode.

For both GBBO and MC, posts with the highest engagement are photos. This is consistent with a Socialbakers study conducted earlier this year, where we concluded that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook overall are photos.

Posting frequently and using content that works has no doubt caramelized social success for GBBO on Facebook. Our statistics show a vibrant posting campaign for each episode, and between each episode, building up to the finale. As a result, fan growth dramatically accelerated during its fourth season.

The Great British Bake Off – Fan Growth on Facebook

The Great British Bake Off – Posting Frequency

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