Facebook’s Best Beauty Secrets Revealed

Socialbakers analyze Beauty sector on Facebook

Facebook’s Best Beauty Secrets Revealed

Socialbakers, who monitors over 2 million Facebook pages, has been tracking nearly 3,000 different Health and Beauty pages on Facebook. According to their analysis here is the Top 10 ranked by number of fans:

ChapStick, a lip balm manufactured by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare may seem like a surprising leader. Around since the 1930s, ChapStick is not as trendy or revolutionary as more contemporary beauty products yet they have very loyal customers. By focusing on their fans and their fans’ love of their product, they’ve built an impressive following on Facebook.

What’s remarkable about the ChapStick page, besides its rapid and steady fan growth, is the fan-generated posts. Socialbakers Page Analytics show that on average the page has 294 interactions per day, with a record 1,914 interactions just this past Monday. What’s amazing about that level of interaction is that ChapStick only posts about .37 times per day and they have never even once comment or responded on a fan’s post.

However with each post they do make, they aim to ask questions and engage fans in conversation. Some of their most popular posts were quite simple questions like “We love gadgets! If your phone could come with a built in ChapStick would you want it?” which received 1,266 likes and 352 comments and their most recent post “ChapStick Truth: ChapSticks looove washing machines. Have you ever pulled your jeans out only to discover your ChapStick went for a dip?” which received 1,042 likes and 221 comments.

Despite its success, ChapStick may not be in the lead for long. The Bath & Body Works page is also growing impressively and is clearly driven by love of their fans as they dominate the wall by sharing their opinions and views with each other. Socialbakers Page Analytics show that while ChapStick may have more fans, over the last month the Bath & Body Works page is leading in engagement:

Bath & Body Works does a great job of both marketing their products while engaging their fan base with posts like “Fragrance Fan Brandy B. used our new shopping bag to make a BBW Wish Book! What would you wish for?” 1,045 likes and 404 comments just since it was posted Saturday.

Third on our list is Dove, and while they post more often than ChapStick with a rate of .77 posts per day, their engagement rate is lower with an average of 125 interactions per day which is really quite a good number as many posts are also user generated posts.

It’s clear that the one thing all the top Health and Beauty pages do right is provide a fun and well-branded page that gives fans a chance to interact with the brand through custom tabs and applications like uploading pictures of themselves with their favorite ChapStick, as well as a space for sharing information and advice with other fans. Be sure to check out how SocialBakers Page Analytics can analyze and benchmark your page’s growth, engagement, and interactions!

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