Socially Devoted: Top 10 Fastest and Most Responsive Countries

Socially Devoted is a Socialbakers initiative which awards the best performing brands in social customer care. For Q3 2013, we’re serving the freshest data on devotees to see how they’re answering demand. We’ve organized a list of the top 10 countries with the best Response Rates, and Fastest Response Times, on Facebook. The results may surprise you. See who made our lists!

Socially Devoted: Top 10 Fastest and Most Responsive Countries

A striking feature of our top 10 lists is that nearly all countries are from Europe and South America, making these the most Socially Devoted continents. South America takes three positions in Most Responsive but trails in Fastest Response Time. However, Guatemala holds its own placing first in both categories. Que bueno! In fact, according to our studies Guatemala has been a consistent leader in social devotion.

In Europe, leaders tend to swap places: Germany scores low on Most Responsive, but is remarkably efficient considering the bulk of questions posted (in this study, Germany has the highest number of Socially Devoted brands) placing third on Fastest Response Time. Norway keeps it consistent in the fourth position in both categories.

Telecom Brands: The Most Responsive Industry

Organized by country, telecom brands are the primary drivers of social devotion. Mobile operator Claro, for example, lifts Argentina, Guatemala, and Peru as Most Responsive; Claro is also the third most Socially Devoted telco brand in the world. Meanwhile in Denmark, Call Me, Telmore, Telia and CBB Mobil are among the seven brands driving the country’s social devotion.

This is consistent with a Socially Devoted study we conducted last year which showed telecom to be the most devoted industry. We’re glad to see these brands continue to devote their strategies to more open and responsive social marketing.

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