Twitter IPO, Social Advertising and Customer Care

Twitter has gone public! To celebrate one of the most anticipated IPO launches in social media and business, we share some thoughts and insights on why advertisers should make full use of the platform. It not only makes strategic sense, but the numbers show Twitter to be an even bigger social player in the near future.

Twitter IPO, Social Advertising and Customer Care

Now that Twitter has spread its wings and gone public, there is renewed focus on what the platform represents for advertisers. The flutter of investors and social media experts has many eager to see the next step in Twitter’s evolution. From Socialbakers’ point of view, there are exciting trends and many reasons to explain why Twitter is a high priority for social marketing.

We’ll start with looking at the data. We conducted a survey and found that 52% of respondents – brands and agencies – consider advertising on Twitter a high to very high priority in 2014, up from 37% this year.

In the same survey, 41% of respondents claimed ROI for advertising on Twitter to be from good to great, with 46% stating the same for simply being present on the network.

Our statistics also reveal that among the top 10 brands on Twitter are Samsung, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Vine and Android.

Who’s Listening? Everyone!

Once described by Co-Founder Biz Stone as the pulse of the planet, Twitter is a highly efficient source of information about peoples’ sentiment, opinion and thought. Brands which recognize this are seizing valuable opportunities to engage their customers on the network.

A trend we’ve followed closely is the increase in demand for social customer care; customers are voicing their experience with brands on social media, and in a growing number of cases, they expect answers back. More power has shifted to customers, in other words, and social media has become the stage where brands must perform to keep their fans’ loyalty.

Today, it’s not only products that get advertised –– it’s also a brand’s values and treatment of its customers.

Perhaps most importantly, Twitter moves in real time – often breaking news before major media like television and newspaper. This means that negative brand mentions cannot go ignored. A helpful way to look at it is to channel Stone’s words, and think of Twitter as the pulse of your brand.

Twitter’s IPO launches today, and will appear under the stock symbol of TWTR on the New York Stock Exchange. You can follow all the action on Twitter using the hashtag #twitteripo.

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