Look Who’s Talking at Engage NYC 2013

We’re really excited to announce our all-star lineup of speakers for Engage NYC 2013! We’ve brought together some of the leading social media innovators from around the world. On one stage, they will divulge their secrets for creating the best social content, social advertising and segmentation, and social customer care. See below for a who’s who at Engage.

Look Who’s Talking at Engage NYC 2013

Engage NYC 2013 will be delivered in five sessions: Socially Devoted, Content & Advertising, Experts’ Session, Advanced Solutions: Socialbakers Plus and closes with Sharing Brands’ Stories. A panel discussion follows each session.

If you won’t be in New York on November 21, you can still engage the innovators on our live stream! Stay tuned for more details on how you can watch Engage NYC 2013 online.

Opening is a welcome keynote from Socialbakers CEO and Co-Founder Jan Rezab, who will hand deliver fresh insights from Socialbakers, announce exciting product updates for Socialbakers Analytics, and reveal exclusive predictions for next year and our 2013 Essential Facebook Report.

Socially Devoted

Socially Devoted is a Socialbakers initiative which awards brands for their commitment to social customer care. Katy Phillips, Senior Analyst at American Airlines, will demonstrate how the airline has used Analytics to reach a high altitude in social success. Head of Social Media at Telstra, Karen Le will tell the story of Telstra’s evolution, going back 100 years, and how the company has managed to keep up with new demands from customers on social media.

Sam Wilson, Digital Editor at Woolworths, will elaborate on the real-time challenges that come with social customer care, and the opportunities available to brands who properly integrate social media with customer service.

Content & Advertising

Behind every great campaign are great content creators! Yossi Erdman, Head of Brand and Social Media at Appliances Online, will reveal AO’s approach to content marketing, which lifted the brand from 2000 fans on Facebook to 1.3 million in two years.

Virginie Cleve, Head of Digital Marketing at Radio France, will explain how social analytics has fueled Radio France to become one the best companies in social advertising.

Experts’ Session

Social business is about measuring for success. Matt Cahill, Associate Director of Analytics and Insights at Havas, will describe common misinterpretations of data, and offer best practices for making the most of analytics.

The Experts’ Session also includes Susan Etlinger, an Industry Analyst with Altimeter Group, and Stephanie Rodriguez, CEO – Chief Enabling Officer – of Mighty Media Group Pty Ltd.

And representing iCrossing at our Experts’ Session is Sabeen H. Ahmad, Associate Director of Community Management, and Amanda Peters, Head of Social Media for US.

Advanced Solutions: Socialbakers Plus

Socialbakers Co-Founder Lukas Maixner will present case studies in advanced solutions for analytic and creative strategy. He will explain the challenges and payoffs of using custom solutions to power brands’ social marketing.

Lukas will deliver key insights from Socialbakers Plus, our social media and engagement consultancy where he also serves as General Manager.

Sharing Brands’ Stories

You’ve listened attentively, and your notes are blueprints for your future success in social media. Now hear the inspiring stories from social media gurus on how they’ve turned insights into action!

Jennifer Lashua, Global Media Manager at Intel’s Social Media Center of Excellence, will explain why “big data” is not just a catchphrase, but a way of working to build strategies and inform decisions.

Tracking long-term KPIs while practicing real-time social customer care is the topic of our last presentation by Jeremie Moritz, Social Media Manager at Pernod Ricard Group in Paris.

Cocktail Party

Now it’s your turn to shine! Make some contacts and network with an international A-list of social media experts. At Engage NYC 2013, you’ll engage the innovators, discover the trends, and learn the tools that will power your social marketing. Find out more about the event here!

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