Samsung Reaches 25M Facebook Fans, Becomes No.1 Brand in Europe

In the lead up to Engage NYC 2013, we’re recognizing a brand which has mastered the art of social care: Samsung who recently reached 25 million fans on Facebook in Europe. It seems 3.5% of Europe’s population have one thing in common--they’re all fans of Samsung on Facebook, making the preeminent electronics company the number one brand on the old continent.

Samsung Reaches 25M Facebook Fans, Becomes No.1 Brand in Europe

When the proper ingredients come together-social devotion to customers, insights, and a dash of timing and creativity-the results can be inspiring. Samsung has demonstrated the advantage of a metrics powered digital and social strategy rocketing from 8 million to 25 million fans during 2013, to reach the No.1 brand in Europe. Capitalizing on major product launches, Samsung’s 44 Facebook Pages for 28 countries in 25 languages enabled global outreach and localized campaigning. See some outstanding figures Samsung Europe achieved by using Facebook as an integrated customer service tool:

“We are growing approximately by 300,000 fans every week,” says Suzy Lloyd, European Head of Samsung´s Social Media Marketing.” This success has been driven using an analytics-driven understanding of our customers, developing localised campaign strategies and driving engagement using quality creative content that supports two-way communications between us and our fans.”

Despite the fact that Samsung’s digital and social operations are run by small teams of one to three experts in each localised market, 26 Samsung European Pages have just been awarded Socially Devoted certificates for customer care excellency from Socialbakers. One of the key focuses for customer care is to address concerns early: “Facebook is a real early warning system for any reputation issues that might move to more traditional media,” adds Suzy. “Social media has always been about engagement, listening and responding and that’s what we strive to achieve. Our fans are invaluable to us.”

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