Straight from Engage NYC: Introducing a New Mobile App and Two New Platforms

The rumors are true––as announced at our Engage conference earlier today, Socialbakers is coming out with a whole range of new platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn), products, and updates! Here are list of the biggest things we’ve got in store for the coming month:

Straight from Engage NYC: Introducing a New Mobile App and Two New Platforms

First up, we have a new mobile application for our very popular Executive Report feature in Analytics. Mobile is the future of social media, and we wanted to be there, where both users (and our clients) are increasingly. With our new app, our clients can quickly pull up data on their brand’s performance, compared to their competitors or their industry, at any time, laid out into a simple, readable report.

Next, we are offering premium analysis for Instagram and LinkedIn through Analytics! Instagram is a logical step for Socialbakers, as it is a natural environment where users engage with brands. With so many brands competing in a highly visual, content-driven space, brands need to analyse their progress closely to understand what content resonates best with the community, what is the most efficient content strategy, and how they can benchmark themselves against competitors.

LinkedIn is another important addition to our pantry. It’s a rapidly growing social network, and one which clients have been clamoring for. While for most, it isn’t their primary area of focus on social media, many brands use LinkedIn as another important way to position their brand as thought leaders in their industry.

Here at Socialbakers, we are really passionate about making powerful, online visualizations of data, but we know that you often need to show your data offline. That’s why both of these platforms will come as fully-editable downloadable PPTX reports.

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