Socialbakers introduces Engagement Builder (previously Social CMS)

Socialbakers introduces the Engagement Builder - the improved Page Manager for your business.

Socialbakers introduces Engagement Builder (previously Social CMS)

Development in Socialbakers is fast, innovative and always trying to

bring you the user friendly solutions. We have been running

Socialbakers Page Manager product for almost 1 year and received

tremendous responses from our growing clients’ base. We are not

launching completely new product; we are changing its name to

Engagement Builder, and adding several functionalities. Why we have

decided for this change?

We want to make sure that our audience understand the real and invaluable benefits of this platform. That means, we want to make

sure, that with Engagement Builder you have in your hand the ultimate solution, which makes your fans more engaged with your page content.

Moreover, you can manage all your social media activities more


Let me remind the core values of Socialbakers Engagment Builder:

  1. Using Engagement Builder helps you target your audience at the time when they pay the most attention. Simply schedule your wall post for certain hour and the job is done! This has great advantage when you have business, which operates in multiple time-zone locations.
  2. It is very efficient, if you want to add to your page special features for quizes, articles, campaigns, YouTube tabs – everything that makes your customers to stay with your page longer.

Beginning last week, we have also launched new tabs for your Facebook pages such as: the Campaigns tab, the YouTube tab, which we will show you in action during next week. Also, we are preparing a great calendar function, that we are sure you will appreciate.

At Socialbakers, we believe this descriptive name will be appreciated among our clients, and we are certainly looking forward to exciting times ahead of us!”

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