PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Compete for Affection on Facebook

Christmas has come early for gamers. Powering up in living rooms around the world, the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft have set record sales ahead of the holiday season. The brands campaigned heavily leading up to their big launches this month, but which had the most impact on Fans? See the infographic below!

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Compete for Affection on Facebook

The PlayStation and Xbox brands are commonly debated on their technical merits. Each represent exciting futures in digital entertainment and expansive networks of gamers and services worldwide. But which brand has the social skills to keep Fans opening their wallets? Comparing the PlayStation and Xbox Facebook Pages, we baked up some stats to find out.

In this article’s companion infographic, the most striking feature is the total number of Fans; PlayStation comes out ahead with many more admirers than Xbox, and with higher growth in the last three months. But Fan count is only one aspect of this contest. When it comes to engagement, Fans are clearly betrothed to Xbox’s content.

We measured the official global Pages of Xbox and PlayStation to find the following: Xbox Fans interact with the brand’s posts significantly more than PlayStation Fans do with its posts. And this held true up to their respective launch dates for Playstation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (November 22). Affirming its focus on community, Xbox’s most engaging post in this study is a congratulations to Sony on the launch of PlayStation 4; the post saw close to 60,000 more Fan interactions than Sony’s own launch post.

Whether you prefer geometry or typography on your controllers, the next generation in gaming is sitting pretty for the foreseeable future. While Playstation is adept at attracting Fans to its Page, Xbox charms its Fans with frequent and engaging content. It will be interesting to see how PlayStation and Xbox evolve their strategies as social media crowds with demands for customer service and an ever expectant global audience.

For now, we’re going to get back to gaming…

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