Did E-Commerce Brands Truly Take Advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

Created by marketers in 2005, Cyber Monday is the e-commerce counterpart to Black Friday. E-commerce brands, from large (such as Amazon and eBay) to small, offer customers majorly discounted prices on things such as electronic goods, or on the price of delivery. For e-commerce brands, the two days function as a double opportunity to make a ton of sales. But how does their strategy and their success differ from Friday to Monday?

Did E-Commerce Brands Truly Take Advantage of Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

We all know about Black Friday, but have you heard about Cyber Monday? While it doesn’t get the same level of news coverage (unlike retail stores, customers can’t form huge crowds outside online stores), it is equally, if not more important, for digital shops.

Perhaps more than retail brands, online brands depend on their Facebook Pages as a major channel to their products—successful content translates into real ROI. We took a look at how US e-commerce brands’ content performed on Facebook over the two days. Firstly, we noticed a significant spike in the number of admin posts made by brands on both days––brands posted more on Friday and Monday than at any other point during the month.

Yet surprisingly, we found that content posted by e-commerce brands on Black Friday performed slightly better (in terms of interactions) as content posted on Monday. Looking at the specific content, the general observed strategy for e-commerce brands is that Friday content is more about free delivery; Monday more about sales (discounts on products bought online). The data suggests that both strategies did almost equally well in piquing their fans’ interest, with a slight edge during Black Friday.

But which brands had the most successful content? Let’s dive into the posts that garnered the most interactions both on Friday and on Monday:

Best Performing Posts on Black Friday for E-Commerce Brands

  1. WomenFreebies.com

This brand, targeted towards women, offered Fans free coffee for a Black Friday purchase. Apparently, free caffeine (paired with puppies) is an addictive concept.

  1. KARMALOOP.com

Another popular discount site, KARMALOOP, offered a 30% Black Friday discount on heels and platforms. The post seems to have struck a chord with shoe-hungry shoppers, who most likely not only Liked this post, but probably bought a pair or two as well.

  1. WomenFreebies.com

WomenFreebies advertised a free snow globe giveaway of another brand, JCPenney, for their very successful Black Friday post.

Best Performing Posts on Cyber Monday for E-Commerce Brands

  1. Nomorerack

This online shopping Page pulled in the most interactions on Cyber Monday, with an enticing 90% deal on pashmina scarves. With a direct link to their e-store, it’s likely that a lot of those interactions translated into scarf purchases.

  1. Women Get It Free

Another e-vendor, targeted towards women, pushed Fans to save money on new Amazon Kindles for Cyber Monday with this clever comic.

  1. REI

This online outdoor retailer brought in a ton of Cyber Monday interactions with a post on discounted merchandise.

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