Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Christmas

For the holiday season, social media managers are thinking about the best ways to drive engagement and return on investment from their Pages. We’ve taken a look at some of the best content created for Black Friday by retailers and e-commerce Pages, and their activity last Christmas, to come up with our Top 10 tips for high performance this holiday season.

Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Christmas

1. Create a fresh strategy.

Christmas is a time when your standard content calendar can go out the window. You and your Fans completely change your schedules over the holidays, so every aspect of your current strategy needs to be flexible. This would include post frequency, post times, and content themes.

2. Consider customer service.

Customer questions on social media naturally increase through December as more orders are placed—however this is often a time when less of your team is available, particularly over Christmas week. Make it clear on your Page when you will and won’t be responding to queries.

3. Create custom seasonal imagery.

Some of the best performing posts from Thanksgiving & Black Friday involved brands creating custom seasonal imagery—placing their logo and branding onto posts featuring products or recognizable scenes. This also assures brand awareness if your posts get shared outside of your targeted audience.

4. Don’t go too heavy on the products

When you do use product posts, keep the text short and friendly—don’t sell too aggressively on social media at any time, especially Christmas. Of course you want to sell your stuff during this key time, but remember to maintain your engagement rate by keeping a natural split of posts.

5. Cover the buying concerns.

If you do free delivery, easy returns or have special offers, let your customers know at relevant times to ease any anxiety they have about purchasing.

6. Consider competitions.

If timed correctly, a seasonal competition in the run up to Christmas can generate engagement, interest in your products and new Fans for the crucial buying period.

7. Give your page a personal touch.

In previous years, some of the most engaging posts have featured marketing teams dressed up as elves, reindeer and other Christmas attire. Get creative, and give your page a human face!

8. Schedule posts for maximum effect.

Likely, your team will not be working for the whole holiday period. Once your strategy is planned out, get everything scheduled as far in advance as you can to allow your team freedom to react and respond.

9. Look at competitor data from last year.

Add your competitors to Socialbakers and view their best and worst posts from last year—alongside key metrics such as engagement and shareability across the key holiday period—to inform your strategy this year.

10. Measure your Christmas campaigns fully.

Use Socialbakers during and after your Christmas strategy to allow you to optimize during and evaluate after, giving you a more informed campaign, and even more knowledge for 2014’s push.

Following these Top 10 tips will ensure a successful holiday season in terms of customer service, Page engagement, and sales made!

Happy holidays!

Social Media Analyst

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