Brand Stories from Engage: American Airlines, Woolworths & Radio France

For our third round of Engage Highlights, we’re putting the spotlight on world-class experts in social content and customer care. Get reacquainted with Sam Wilson, Katy Phillips and Virginie Cleve as they represent their brands and tell their stories at Engage NYC 2013.

Brand Stories from Engage: American Airlines, Woolworths & Radio France

Woolworths: Social Tales from South Africa

As Digital Editor at Woolworths, Sam Wilson describes herself as a “content chick.” With a background in journalism and online editing, Sam is quick to assert her professional emphasis on content and communication, drawing little distinction between marketing and storytelling.

Sam introduces Woolworths as a high end retailer akin to Marks & Spencer, selling everything from food to clothing and homeware. With a broad spectrum of retail, she says, managing content for the brand is a challenge because there are “too many stories to tell.” Her team has kept a Woolworths presence on multiple social media channels, and creates different content for each!

Where many marketers might call a customer response a complete conversation, Sam stresses that this is where the conversation is just getting started. Once you have your customers’ attention, she says, the next step is to feed what they’ve said back into the content and explore the conversation.

Sam’s presentation is delivered in three stories, The Good: The Tale of a Rogue, The Bad: The Tale of an Angry Designer, a Defensive Retailer…And a Very Busy Hummingbird, and The Really Ugly: The Tale of the Well-Worded Job Ad.

Hear Sam’s stories in the video below!

American Airlines: A Public Transformation

American Airlines is “an older fashioned company,” says Senior Analyst for Social Communications Katy Phillips, beginning her story of the airline’s evolution into the #newAmerican. Brand transformation has meant learning the value of social media as a storyteller and customer service tool, she says.

Katy is responsible for all reporting and measurement of social media data at American Airlines. On stage in New York, she presents her team in a venn diagram, where members of Social Customer Service and Social Customer Engagement intersect at Social Analytics.

With “every success, every failure playing out in public,” she says, insights have been essential for informing decisions and optimizing social effectiveness.

“The growth of social media at American Airlines has meant that our reorganization has been a very public one, with existing and potential customers being involved in the conversation at every moment, every single day,” explains Katy.

American Airlines has a presence on multiple social platforms, and offers customer care 24/7 on Facebook and Twitter. Katy says, “At the heart of this whole social strategy is listening to the customer and giving them a first point of contact.”

From 2011 to Engage NYC 2013, American Airlines has transformed itself into a Socially Devoted brand, offering world-class social customer care.

Hear the full story of the #newAmerican from engine start to takeoff!

Radio France: “Test, try and improve.”

Virginie Cleve, Head of Digital Marketing at Radio France, starts her presentation by admitting mistakes, and gives advice sure to accelerate the learning curve for anyone just getting into social marketing. She offers sage advice on ads placement, ads format and other helpful tips (like using analytics!).

With 7 radio stations, Radio France already possessed strong broadcasting power and recognition, so what’s the purpose of embracing social media? Virginie answers that social media not only affords high speed reaction to hot news, but enables access to their listeners, and vice versa, more than ever before.

In 2011, Radio France redesigned its editorial strategy to include social media and community engagement. Today they are not only attracting 5 million daily listeners, but 3.5 million unique visitors to their Facebook Page, and have 1.3 million Twitter followers.

Success, Virginie explains, is largely the result of internalizing social media management. This affords “better reactivity”, she says, and gives Radio France the opportunity to measure its effectiveness and improve with each new campaign. She describes four primary KPIs that have kept Radio France climbing the social media charts.

See Virginie’s presentation in its entirety!

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