How to improve your social media presence and win customers for years to come

Practical Facebook newsfeed optimization advice for page owners

How to improve your social media presence and win customers for years to come

Socialbakers is working with Facebook statistics for almost two years. We have monitored the growth of thousands of successful brands and understood a ‘marketplace’ they created on Facebook pages for their customers. Although most of you are familiar with advanced strategies for fan acquisition, we decided to offer some background, where every business should have its grounds.

Continue reading our suggestions on how to keep your fans with you, active and happy.

1. Remember the landing page

Many companies think people go through all tabs on your Facebook page, when in fact our research shows that they don’t. The key to remember your landing page is to optimize it for the audience. That means, whoever looks at your page is able to find out immediately what is your business about and what are the most important things to look at first. Our suggestions are: direct them to your company information and then lead their attention to important sections like “where to go next” (go to the wall, go to this sweepstake Facebook app, etc.)

2. Better newsfeed can make your content interesting and diverse.

You already have them – special signs (or unique selling points), which make your business attractive and which are the reason why your fans have found you. If you are keeping yourself busy with finding ways of making your page look good, seek to add there special features like graphic or Tabs customized for your business. This step will help you distinguish and make your audience happy coming back. Diverse content is also a way to manage very high engagement, mixing good quality videos, photos, status updates, and also links

3. Manage your posts – less is sometimes more

The most fundamental way for your page to live good Facebook life is to keep your customers awake with posts and interesting news feeds. We have been measuring the posting activity of many companies figuring out what makes the fan pay attention to page. What we have find out was the correlation between the number of posts (we call this benchmark PP or Page Posts) and the Engagement Rate (ER) of your fans. The more you post the more tidy is the curve representing fan activity and interest. In another words, pages with too much news feeds (unless this is not media company) are considered needy with less relevance. So what is the ideal state? Our figures show, no more than 2 posts per day.

4. Create engagement events

Engagement events – for example times of day when you will be inviting a guest to respond on your Facebook page, or just announcing the fan of the week (according to Facebook TOS, unless you give a prize out, this is OK!).

5. Your product is fantastic.

Whatever fantastic news you have to tell to your customers, do not forget the basic thing. Remind your customers the core value of your product because they tend to forget this with so much competition going on. It is always worth to do this from time to time in order to tackle the cognitive resonance of your new fans. Find your way and maintain the communication which works for youthe most.

Do not forget that your customers are the greatest worth you have. In each and every business activity remember that every person in the company serves the customer or somebody who serves the customer. In your posts, stimulate positive thinking, use testimonials to spread good word about you, and make sure you are heading for customer retention.

6. Schedule and plan your posts to make sure they get read

One of the most important things is to make sure that your great posts get actually read. Many businesses might have limited headcount resources. The answer to obvious question on how to manage your postings would be to acquire solution, Engagement Builder, which helps you make post scheduling for your preferred time during the day. With Engagement Builder, you have powerful tool to speak to your customer, when they pay the most attention, during the day and during the weekend as well.

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