Top 10 Gadgets This Christmas

Gaming, smartphones and tablets, oh my! The top electronics this Christmas vary in size and shape, but all introduce an exciting new wave of mobile and online media. We decided to come up with our own Top 10, and because we love data we couldn’t just cherry pick! Below is the Socialbakers Top 10 Gadgets This Christmas based on 24 hours of Twitter mentions.

Top 10 Gadgets This Christmas

Taken by mentions, it’s no surprise to Socialbakers that Xbox One would be at the top. As we reported recently, the Xbox brand performs brilliantly when it comes to engagement. Talk of the brand reveals some return on investment, as Xbox One leads our Top 10.

Every iteration of the iPhone is met with greater scrutiny, but Apple stays ahead of the game in both its tech and marketing. The iPhone 5s testifies to Apple’s commitment to quality and forward-thinking tech, and there’s no shortage of buzz as Christmas shoppers hope to enable Christmas adopters of this 64-bit handset.

Defining the “phablet” class of devices, the iPad Mini is just the right fit for the Goldilocks in your family: not a phone, not a tablet, but just right. And if talk is any indication (and we think it is), the iPad Mini will be a sure victory for anyone gifting the “phablet” this Christmas.

Sure, it’s all about mobile. But the living room is still a family hub for entertainment. The Playstation 4 aims to please not just the first-person shooters, but also the Netflixters and fans of on-demand media (because who isn’t?).

In the race for higher specs and slimmer design, Samsung has fans eager to get their hands on its Galaxy S4 smartphone. With features like expandable memory and processing to spare, this smartphone won’t just take impressive selfies, but enable a steady workflow on the go. (But the selfies will look pretty great too.)

Few people remember Apple’s Newton MessagePad 100, and why would they? 20 years later, the iPad not only boasts a much buzzier name, but the latest version—the iPad Air—brings to fruition every promise made by Apple’s premiere tablet: brains, beauty and easy connection to your media.

This smartphone’s modern, stylish design is deceptively minimal. Not only is it one of the first smartphones to ship with Android’s KitKat operating system, the LG Nexus 5 has the brains and handling to outperform the competition. LG has clearly designed a phone especially for Android, and fans are achatter in celebration.

Google’s Nexus brand has surfaced this Christmas like a stealth submarine. And if this list tells you anything, it’s that Google and Apple are in soft power mode, combating for the hearts and minds of consumers with beautiful designs and high-end performance. The Nexus 7 is Google’s flagship tablet, made by Asus, and has been the “phablet” to beat in both price and features.

Making sure to land on everyone’s list this Christmas, Google has also introduced online streaming to your HDTV. Easy to use, and consistent with the brand’s line of high end and low cost products, Chromecast also fits easily into the Christmas stocking of even the most demanding media consumer on your list.

Yes, the tablet is the most talked about item on the Christmas shopper’s radar. Making sure the choice is even tougher is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3. The full-featured tablet is getting a lot of buzz, and is poised to win more than high mentions, but also high value this Christmas season.

For this study, product mentions were analyzed on Twitter over a 24-hour period between December 11–12, 2013.

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