Top 7 Things A Social Media Manager Should Do Daily

As we near the end of 2013 and start making resolutions for the New Year, it’s time to shed some light on the sometimes obvious essentials. In preparation for the New Year’s hype, we’ve put together a list of the Top 7 Things a Social Media Manager should do daily in 2014.

Top 7 Things A Social Media Manager Should Do Daily

1. Tailor Your Content & Tell Your Brand’s Story

There are so many ways you can tell your brand’s story on social media, and oh, so many platforms! Make sure to alter your language for each audience, be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., but do not forget to stay consistent and compelling! That’s right, this could mean it’s time to read that tone of voice guide again.

2. Monitor Those Pesky Engagement Rates

Whatever you do, always be in control. Keep an eye on your content’s engagement rate and your competition by using analytics (yes, you should go for Socialbakers Analytics :). If you stay aware of your engagement you can optimize your content according to what is and isn’t working. So don’t just socialize, analyze!

3. Boost Your Way Up

Many social media managers think media is not part of their job description to boost ads, but as 2014 comes, its essential to do media as part of every social marketers job. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow post reach by boosting the posts that work best for your brand. With the help of Ad Analytics, you can monitor and visualize performance, and automatically boost your most successful content. Know anyone else that offers auto-boosting? We don’t.

4. Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Competitors Closer

It goes without saying that your competition is probably watching you. Keep up with your surroundings by building a permanent peripheral vision of your competition’s activities on all platforms. It’s also wise to take note of what strategies and content styles aren’t working for them, and save templates from the ones that do.

5. Don’t Forget the Clickthrough Rates

You can put that trenchcoat back on, Sherlock! Stay on top of your analytics by investigating just how many clicks your material is actually bringing to your website. Optimize your future content based on your findings to increase your clickthroughs for those product and service related posts.

6. Update That Content Calendar

Staying organized will benefit you and those you work with. Once you’re on top of all of the points mentioned above, make sure to update your content calendar each day. This provides a great basis on which to plan your future content and stay flexible. An up-to-date and strong content calendar will free you to take a longer lunch, and finally have that dessert you’ve been craving.

7. Provide Customer Service, Every Day

Naturally, your outgoing content is going to be a big priority, but in 2014 customers are going to be even more demanding in their expectations for quick resolutions to issues on social media. We learned all about that in the #SocialStory2013 video.

It’s time to start talking back! Make an effort to keep your response times down and your service level high to keep customers happy. But hey, being social comes with the title, right?

A great way to start this year off with a bang is to make a New Year’s resolution to follow these seven steps in 2014. Believe me, your social media audiences will see the difference (and probably won’t be afraid to point it out to you) as you produce stronger, data led content to boost your engagement rates.

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