Introducing Socialbakers’ All New Social Marketing Reports

Great news for social media professionals everywhere. Socialbakers’ popular free monthly Social Marketing Reports (previously called regional and industry reports) have gotten even better with the latest December 2013 release, available now. In addition to the Facebook stats you’ve always gotten, you can now see social media results for Twitter and YouTube – still all FREE!

Introducing Socialbakers’ All New Social Marketing Reports

What’s New

In addition to the enhanced data you already receive for Facebook, we’ll now provide enhanced data for Twitter such as number of followers and interactions like tweets, retweets and mentions. YouTube will show number of subscribers and video views. Initially, Twitter and YouTube will provide information for 18 countries (Australia, Columbia, Brazil, Canada, France Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA), with more being added over time.

How to Use Our Reports

Our Social Marketing Reports allow any company or social media professional to quickly view a summary of social media activity for each of the three platforms in the selected country, or by industry*. For a country report you’ll see the total number of fans and average number of posts for the Top 20 Brands in one easy-to-read graphic at the top.

In any of the reports and sections, clicking on a company name will take you to their detailed statistics page where you’ll get even more details such as the distribution of fans by country, fan growth, etc. for each of the platforms. You can even download the info in image or HTML format for easy offline reference later.

Social media summary from Socialbakers

Next you’ll see a graphic showing the Top 5 Industries based on total number of fans. You can quickly see if your industry made the cut.

Top 5 Industries from Socialbakers


You’ll have a snapshot of the Key Benchmarks that matter most to Facebook marketers; average engagement rates and average response rate. While these benchmarks are general, they give you an idea of how you want your own posts to perform. You’ll also see the Top 5 Brands, find out who the Top Socially Devoted Brands are, and more.

Sample Facebook benchmark


Check out the Top Brands on Twitter. If you’re lucky to be one of those top brands, congratulations! If not, you get to see just how well they’re doing by peeking at their Followers and Interactions. This should give you inspiration for upping your own scores.

Sample Twitter activity


See who the Top Brands on YouTube are. Whether it’s due to a lucky video that went viral, or a fanatical fan base, you’ll see which Brands have the most Video Views and Subscribers. If you’re not already producing videos, we highly recommend that you do. They don’t have to be expensive productions. In fact, it seems the most popular are basic and just give good info, and maybe provide a little fun.


Industry Reports

Industry Reports allow you to view the overall Facebook performance of 11 industries. You’ll get a quick view of the Top 10 Brands in Fashion and Beauty, for example, along with the percentage in change of number of fans. Once again, Fastest Growing and Most Socially Devoted are included, along with an actual view of the Most Popular Posts.

Socialbakers Industry Reports

Take Your Social Media Campaign to the Next Level

While our free reports are updated monthly and offer basic information to get your social media marketing program started, when it’s time to get serious about your marketing, we suggest you upgrade to Analytics, which provides in-depth measurements of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter most to you, such as Fan Growth, Engagement Rates, Industry Benchmarking, Social Interactions, Competitive Analysis and much more.

You get KPIs for the major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) plus an extended option to monitor LinkedIn, Instagram and VKontakte (Russia), all in one place. Save time and money by not having to check each network’s stats individually. With our 14-day free trial, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain – like more users and engagement!

‘* Based on a subset of all pages available and monitored in the Socialbakers database.


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